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With an emphasis on contemporary painting, work is thoroughly researched with concept development being a an integral part of the service. Paintings are produced in a range of styles and techniques; contemporary, traditional, abstract and figurative.

Again produced in a range of styles, presented on various substrates from perspex and aluminium to framed limited edition prints.

Produced in a range of styles from traditional period finishes and trompe l'oeil to, air-

gunned and ultra violet work for nightclubs.


For projects where either public or staff consultation is a priority, workshops often including a practical component are recommended. These are often also used to provide a motivation for staff. Sue has headed workshops for IKON Gallery, various District Councils, Goodhope Hospital, and has also worked previously as a tutor and undertaken specific training with Arts and Business, as a workshop leader.

Producing inspirational works for educational, childcare and community settings. Working with children, parents, carers and other community groups. Producing high quality work in a range of media and introducing new skills.

We have a vast experience of producing dynamic art-work for corporate clients throughout the uk. We have undertaken commissions for many bluechip companies, from BMW to The John Lewis Partnership.

Creative Partnerships

Speak to us about your project, between us we can solve it.


Digital Mock Ups

To help you visualise how your commission will look in situ.


Quality Work - on Time

We understand the importance of meeting deadlines.